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Julia Alexandra –

Spiritual Counselor

Julia, an Ordained Priest and an Oracle of the Earth Mother, works with your High Self, the Angelics, the Illuminated (Ascended Masters), the Earth Mother, and other Beings of Light to help you.


Through the combination of her Skills, Gifts, and Abilities, through her connection to the Akasha, the Angelics, Ascended Masters, and the Earth Mother, Julia works with you to help you attain the state of being your High Self wants YOU to experience.

In which ever session you choose, regardless of it being in person or distant, you will receive detailed information about the issues creating the problem and what will be done to help you shift into a better energetic state of being, and thus living a more authentic life for you. 

Available Sessions Include:
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Energy System Healing and Rebalancing

Exorcisms and Detrimental Energy Removal

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Akashic Readings and Healing

Curse Analysis and Removal

Sessions can be performed in person or distantly.  Please contact us for any personal queries or consutaltion.