What is Reiki?

Updated: May 28

The Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki System is a hands-on healing modality with three levels of proficiency. Reiki does not require any form of physical touch or manipulation to be effective and many practitioners actually never touch their client during a session.

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Reiki Level 1 students who complete all course requirements receive a Certificate of Achievement to display and are encouraged to gain additional experience through providing service to clients. For those currently in the alternative healing environment, Reiki is extremely compatible and easily incorporated into massage, acupressure/acupuncture, reflexology and other healing modalities.

Julia received her Usui Reiki 3rd Degree (commonly called the Master status in the US) Certification in 2001 and her lineage is as fourth degree of separation from Mrs. Takata (#Takata). Julia upholds the Usui Reiki Protocol in all Reiki classes, class participation is limited in size, Classes unfold over multiple weeks (no weekend classes here!), and are currently held via the internet so participants can comply safely with all Covid/Pandemic regulations. Julia assists students to discover and develop their personal energetic awareness, sensitivities (Gifts), and spirituality while using Reiki.

To receive Certification, students must attend all classes, receive all Level Empowerments, participate in hands-on exercises, complete any out-of-class exercises assigned, and demonstrate proficiency with the Protocol. My class design allows students to also receive personal, one-on-one guidance over the course of the series to assist with the recognition of their Gifts and Abilities.

Reiki Level 1 is taught in a series of 4 classes over 4 consecutive weeks, Reiki 2 is a six class series taught over six consecutive weeks, while Reiki Level 3 is a year-long apprenticeship designed for the Practitioner who is guided to teach Reiki to others. Acceptance into each of these class series requires a one-on-one conversation with Julia.

Reiki Level 1 introduces the individual to the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki system of healing. Classes are designed to instruct students in proper Protocol form for self and for recipients. Classes also introduce the concepts of the basic human energy system and theory behind why energy healing is possible.. Four empowerments are included in the Certification program, with two taking place during the class time and two take place outside of class time.

Reiki Level 2 introduces the Certified Level 1 Practitioner to the Sacred Reiki Symbols, which enhance their current skills and abilities, and allow them to utilize in new ways with greater speed and sensitivity.

#Reiki Level 3 possesses a number of requirements for consideration of acceptance. The apprentice must fulfill a number of requirements during the year-long apprenticeship and Master Certification will not be awarded if the apprentice defaults in any way. Reiki 3 requires a deep level of commitment and humility and a desire to learn. This course of study takes the student deeper into the practice of self care and self healing and introduces them to other, more esoteric, wisdom and knowledge.

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If you are interested in taking a #Reiki course, contact me so you can get an updated course schedule.

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