McDonald's versus Fine Dining

Updated: May 28

Pre-pandemic, many energy teachers shifted from teaching courses, such as #Reiki, from a multi-day schedule taking place over a few weeks or a few months down to cramming it all into a weekend. When I taught in Chicago, I came across multiple people who told me they were my equal, yet their 3rd Degree class had lasted not even six hours while mine had lasted over 100 hours. What could they possibly have assimilated in six hours that took me months to process and integrate not just into my energy system itself, but within my mindset and perspective. Time is always needed to achieve excellence and I am sorry to say these individual's never even learned the basic lesson of Releasing the Ego. Shame on those teachers who took the students' money and ran!

In 2015, I worked at a Center in Chicago where I held sessions as well as taught #Reiki classes in person. There, at both open houses and Open Reiki Shares, I met several people who I was told were my peer level, yet to my horror I found out their 3rd Degree program had been held on one day for less than five hours. In comparison, my Apprenticeship lasted twelve months and required me to spend over 100 hours of one on one time with my teacher.

What could these individuals possibly have assimilated in six hours that took me months to process and integrate - not just into my energy system itself, but within my mindset and perspective and world view?? How in the world would any valid Reiki teacher think that spending such little time with a Reiki 3rd Degree Apprentice would convey to them all that was needed for them to Teach? I was outraged for these people and I was horrified for the clients they would encounter in their lifetime, people who would believe a Certificate on the wall was providing a guarantee to what they were seeking - be it classes, healing sessions, Spiritual Guidance, or even just Wisdom.

Time is always needed to achieve excellence and I am sorry to say these individual's never even learned the basic lesson of Releasing the Ego. This lesson begins in 1st Degree and builds upon every class series and becomes a huge focus of the 3rd Degree Apprentice. Shame on those teachers who took the students' money and ran! This is the McDonald's version of classes for sure! They received the bare ass minimum on a complex energy modality for sure!

Pre-pandemic, I had a series of conversations with a young woman in her late 20’s who was seeking advice regarding taking spiritual and/or energy work classes. She was referred to me by a client who thought I would be able to provide her with assistance regarding energy classes.

After speaking with her at length to determine her current level of energy education, awareness, and spiritual preferences, I advised her to look in her local area for a Usui Reiki practitioner teaching Reiki 1. I provided her with guidelines on what to look for in a teacher as well as particulars on how I taught the class and how I feel the class should be taught. I also advised her to avoid the latest marketing gimmick of teaching in a day or a weekend what should be a multiple weeks long program.

The reasons teachers of any modality do this now is to make more money – by cramming everything into a one or two-day period of time and then requiring the students to have personal sessions with them when the inevitable follow-up needs happen.

If you decide to cram something into a weekend course, you should build into that course one on one time with each student post-course so they have the opportunity to share what they are experiencing and you have the ability to validate their experiences, and to verify that they are adjusting to the shifts within their personal energetic systems. The cost of these one-on-one sessions should be built into the course if you feel you cannot financially provide your students with free consults. *Sniff! To create these classes without doing so is unethical, in my brutally honest opinion!

My young friend called me back after looking around in her community and said that she had found someone she liked, but that yes, she taught the class in a weekend-only format. She then informed me that the teacher had suggested she take a different version of Reiki than I suggested as it was “better” being “a higher vibration” than Usui Reiki. PLEASE keep in mind, this is a conversation with a supposedly experienced Reiki teacher. Someone who is supposed to have extensive experience with energy modalities. Someone who claims to have taught brand new students for a number of years.

This woman had a conversation with a beginner in all ways and she chose to use a marketing catch phrase designed to influence the potential student by saying that her class was "better", yet she was unable to provide vital information in the form of an explanation as to why this “higher vibrational” class was better for the brand new student. Again - a McDonald's mentality towards teaching instead of fine dining. *Sniff!

The energetic community is not so secure in this world that people who provide crap information won’t damage what fragile reputation we have in this country. Not one hundred fifty years ago people were killed after being accused of witchcraft. There are still places around this world where they continue to abuse, torture, and kill energy workers because the people in power have interpreted their religious verses to justify getting rid of 'frauds' and 'charlatans' and 'witches'.

And…just to harp on it a little more…many different aspects of society in the US STILL think that energy workers are fake and just stealing from gullible people.

And yes – I believe that this practice of cramming any energy class that provides energy empowerments or attunements into one day or one weekend when it should be stretched out over several weeks to a month is stealing. And I will stand toe to toe with any energy practitioner who wants to argue the point with me. Yet people still keep buying the McDonald's version because somehow they think they are "special" enough to learn in 8 or 16 hours what it has taken others 100s of hours to learn.

For 20 years I have held hands with my students and walked them through confusion, chaotic energies, and erupting emotions which impact their immediate emotional and mental state of being. Empowerments and energy attunements create significant changes in one’s energy system and that transfers out into an individual's "real world" life. This occurs because a higher vibration is being blended into the individual's energy system and is causing their system to shift "higher".

If the student has not received proper education, they won't automatically understand what is happening to them. I have experienced many different forms of internal shifts take place from the empowerments personally and I know for a fact that once the process begins, there is no stopping them or 'taking back' an attunement once it starts. Every student deserves the chance to understand the crazy stuff that they may experience once it takes place and then having the ability to readily discuss what is happening to them with someone knowledgeable. Terrible things can happen when people are left afloat with their imagination.

So, let’s return to the idea of a “higher vibrational” class being better than a standard class.

Who defines what is “better”? How do you determine a class is a "higher vibration"? A weekend class is a weekend class - is either readily superior to each other when minimal information is being shared? Remember – hands-on healing modalities are for healing!!! This means that the energy the student has absorbed is going to work to heal their wounds and issues before the student ever touches another person, animal, plant, etc.

In my #Reiki teaching experience, which covers a span of 20 years, every student arrives for their first day of class with their own unique energy system and own personal vibration. No one is in the same place energetically and regardless of what empowerment or attunement you receive, you will not shift vibrationally in a way that is not in their highest and best good. I equate this to teacher's selling the dream of nirvana - if you take this class because it has a 'higher vibration' you are going to be walking on water faster than anyone else!

If you have five students in a class, each student’s energy system is unique to where they are at in this moment. This lifetime – their experiences, their traumas, and their joys - have imprinted in significant way onto their energy system. Each person is always unique - even in a family environment! So, each of these five students, in class, receives an attunement to do this energy work. Great! But, it does not take a great deal of math or science education to understand that the attunements are not going to shift everyone to the exact same "higher vibration" since they did not start at the exact same place.

To extrapolate to the point of redundancy - you are only going to shift as much as your High Self will allow. This is why you could give someone 10 attunements in one day, yet they will only shift according to what their system can tolerate and process. The other nine will have to wait until that process is done and the High Self triggers another attunement to activate.

This Guidance is important, because all the wounds and traumas that have been encapsulated within your energy system have now been nudged by receiving this attunement. Nudge = you become aware of them again. This means the individual who was in an “ok” place before is now going to be remembering things and experiencing things they had forgotten or repressed or just held in check. They are completely unprepared for what they might experience because many teachers do not have the expanded experience or education to explain this. And to be fair - with the number of McDonald's teachers out there now, this particular teacher may have never been taught properly to begin with. BUT - that does not change your situation. To claim otherwise is simply Ego on the part of the Teacher.

Your wounds, your issues, all these things will now scream and demand your attention. Remember – hands-on healing modalities are for healing!!! This means that the energy you absorbed is going to work to heal your wounds and your issues. These things want the Reiki to heal, they demand the Reiki to rebalance. This unconscious stimulation can cause any number of emotional and physical reactions which can last hours, days, weeks, or even months.. Let your mind wander over that for a few minutes.

For a teacher to claim that their class is "higher vibrationally" or "better" than others, yet they limit the information provided to students because the designed structure of the class prevents thorough teaching? That's simply Ego on the part of the Teacher. This is one of several reasons why I only teach Reiki classes over a period of weeks. I am there for my student's when the acute situation happens.

The average time for an empowerment or energy attunement to process through the personal energy system is 21 days. #21days. I acutely understand how various energy empowerments, attunements, and shifts can transform the person via their personal energy system. I can recognize a distress situation and I know how to handle them. I make myself available to my students at all times - day or night - during the class series. They can call me on the phone as needed and I will attend to the dissonance immediately - without charge. This is my promise to each of my students - I will be there for you, regardless of what you experience. This is one reason why my classes are Fine Dining.

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