Curse Recognition and Who Casts Them?

Updated: May 28

Curse Removal is very tricky! Curse Removal is also very rewarding as you are correcting something that is very “wrong”. If your knowledge base regarding not just the human energy system but the planar energy system is incomplete or mis-informed, you may not only complicate the curse itself, but you may transfer it to yourself! Yikes!

Removing curses - negative energies and attachments - that have warped an individual's energetic system and negatively impacted their life provides this person with a new opportunity to live their life. This is QUITE a satisfying aspect of my Work!

Curse Removal is an extremely challenging aspect of Energy Work and requires patience, diligence, discretion, and dedication. This is NOT Work that even experienced energy workers can "just do" and I cannot tell you how many times I have been called to rescue people who read something on the Internet and thought, "Hey! I can do that!"

When you work with a curse on an individual, you immerse yourself in their energy in a way that is different than even exorcism work, which cleanses them of demons and detritus of the Dark. It is extremely voyeuristic as the potential exists to experience firsthand why and how the curse was implemented. This work thus demands self-control and the ability to keep yourself separate from the energy of the curse itself, as well as Discretion of the highest order. If you do not have these skills developed, you may get caught up in the story, lose yourself, and the curse can warp and twist and either grow to include you or transfer over to you!

Interrupted Curse Work or Work began in one session but not completed can also create a negative rebound upon the practitioner. This has many negative facets, including negatively affecting the client, which will then set into motion a significant amount of Ugly. The Practitioner MUST have a very healthy dose of respect for the work and the side effects of the curse as well as a respect for how delicate and precise the energy work must be. Most importantly, the client MUST be respected as even peeking at the curse could affect their well-being and may well well affect those with whom the client resides.

Different Types of Curses

Curses comes in every shape, flavor, and color. Meaning – each is particular to the individuals involved and the reason the curse was cast/sent.

Some curses are simple and straightforward while others are extremely complex. Simple curses involved the cursed individual and the sender and no others. More complex curses start with one person and then become generational – affecting everyone as intended by the curse's creator. I have seen many curses that were intended to affect one individual, but the pain or vindictiveness behind the curse then caused it to spread to affect others in the family line. Generational curses can affect family lines for many generations and if the community is small, could eventually engulf the community itself.

So yes, deducing that a curse is simple can be a blessing, for the complicated ones take a lot of work and effort and you cannot just stop working on it – it has to be finished in one session as the potential exists for a great deal of ugly to erupt if you don’t.

Who Casts Curses?

Everyone has the potential to cast a curse, even children, so it is extremely important that the practitioner keep an open mind when digging into the background of the "why".

In general, the average person who casts a curse is emotionally unbalanced in the moment that they cast it. However, there are people out there who do it for a living, to accommodate others’ spite and anger. So, let’s divide this out to professionals and non-professionals.


Non-professionals are 99% of the human population as they are ignorant of anything energetic. Even the 1% that does realize the intrinsic energetic part of being human has little understanding that curses are real or, more importantly in my opinion, that they may have cast one (or more) curses themselves in their lifetimes.

In general, when this group casts a curse, unless the individual themselves fall into a Possession Category, the curse will very rarely ever fall into the complex curse category.

These Casters are those who wish something bad to happen to a specific someone - such as, they hope the individual gets a flat tire in the rain or on their way to work, or maybe their love interest breaks their heart, or maybe they hope they become the victim of credit card fraud. The basic "hope" behind the curse is for that individual to “get theirs” in some way.

I have cleared many curses from people over the last 20 years that fell into this category. Many curses focused on one of two categories – love life situations or money. These seem to really be the categories that stimulate curses the most in people.

I have also encountered complex curses from people who were non-professionals. One of the most interesting I ever encountered was made back in the 40s by a late teenaged girl as she was killing herself out of shame. It was quite convoluted but quite interesting at the same time and really very clearly painted a picture of both herself and the person she cursed.


Professionals are people who cast curses for others. This can be for money or for personal reasons. One type of practitioner is the Root Women in Eastern Carolina sell curses to others. Another type that should cause most individuals pause are the groups or cults that employ curse work as part of their "thing". Many cultures around this world have these groups, but I would say because of Hollywood the most known are Dark Voodoo, or Vudon, who work actively with “dark spirits” to get their “message” across to people they feel deserve it.

I have dealt with both types of groups when clearing clients of curses. In some ways, I prefer to deal personally with the Dark Voodoo priests and priestesses. They are investing their own emotions into the work and it is easier for me to read them, thus, I receive more details and have the ability to do more for my client.

Root Women, etc., are cold and uncaring in their work and thus the work becomes a repetitive annoyances because there seems to be no lack of pettiness in this world when people have extra money. The Root Women are doing what they know how to do for money and it is just a job for them - it just is what it is, even if it turns out to be unlike that for which the client paid.

Effects of Curses

Curses do not always play out the way they are intended. There are many variables that can change a curse’s impact upon the intended victim and many of those variables are because of the sometimes the caster's personality or the victim's personality.

Sometimes the curse can take on a life of its own if the victim possesses a weak nature or is easily influenced. Other times, a strong natured individual may nullify many parts of a curse, but then it turns around and impacts a different way than intended.

Basically, almost always curses have some form of impact upon the victim, but that impact may not necessarily act as quickly as the caster wishes, last as long, or behave in the manner wished. This is one reason why Root Women stay in business. The curses sent misfire, so they are paid to send more and more until the caster and client are satisfied.

Curses do not generally have a time expiration. Just because the victim experiences whatever “bad” thing was desired does not mean the curse ends. Curses stay until they are removed, and since the average person does not understand they sent a curse no do people recognize they were cursed, the curses stay put unless/until removed or the cursed one dies.

Recognizing the Tell of a Curse

There is one guaranteed tell of a curse regardless of whether it is simple or complex for which an experienced practitioner can discern. All curses leave a imprint on the auric layers of the victim – black strands that have a particularly distinctive feel to them. The strands are worked through the auric layers like strings randomly sewn – generally not in a web-like pattern. That is something else entirely.

If you have strong clairvoyance or claircognizance you may see them or if you are clairsentient you may feel the strong “ick” factor emanating from them. In some cases, the black strands may work its way through to the individual’s Core. It may travel up to the Web, in fact, so that if you look at the individual’s Core thread, it may appear black. This is one reason when Cores become black in color. This is uncommon, however, as many a cursed individual’s Core color is still their normal color.

The black may also work its way into the chakra system, though usually it will usually only find its way to the chakras required to affect to allow the curse to be implemented.

It is very important to be able to recognize a curse versus negative energies or entities that are attached to the individual. There are many times when detrimental energy beings (DEBs) are attracted to the energy of the curse, but everyone has DEBs, so they cannot be used as a clear indicator that a curse is in effect.

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