Curse Recognition and Who Casts Them?

Updated: May 28

Curse Removal is very tricky! Curse Removal is also very rewarding as you are correcting something that is very “wrong”. If your knowledge base regarding not just the human energy system but the planar energy system is incomplete or mis-informed, you may not only complicate the curse itself, but you may transfer it to yourself! Yikes!

Removing curses - negative energies and attachments - that have warped an individual's energetic system and negatively impacted their life provides this person with a new opportunity to live their life. This is QUITE a satisfying aspect of my Work!

Curse Removal is an extremely challenging aspect of Energy Work and requires patience, diligence, discretion, and dedication. This is NOT Work that even experienced energy workers can "just do" and I cannot tell you how many times I have been called to rescue people who read something on the Internet and thought, "Hey! I can do that!"

When you work with a curse on an individual, you immerse yourself in their energy in a way that is different than even exorcism work, which cleanses them of demons and detritus of the Dark. It is extremely voyeuristic as the potential exists to experience firsthand why and how the curse was implemented. This work thus demands self-control and the ability to keep yourself separate from the energy of the curse itself, as well as Discretion of the highest order. If you do not have these skills developed, you may get caught up in the story, lose yourself, and the curse can warp and twist and either grow to include you or transfer over to you!