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Julia has extensive experience and qualifications with the following disciplines:
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Energy System Healing and Rebalancing

The Human Energy System is quite complex.  You hold within it everything that has ever happened to you.  We utilzing a variety of modalities and skills to assist you with healing these issues and moving forward in your life path.  

Exorcisms and Detrimental Energy Removal

Detrimental Energies can create havoc in one's thoughts and one's desires.  Demons and Dark Beings are attached to everyone.  When you have the courage to free yourself from their addictive interactions, you can take charge of your life.


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Akashic Readings and Healings

The Akasha holds all information for this lifetime and others.  Explore Contracts and Agreements with others, Heal and Release Contracts and Agreements you hold, discover the complexity of your Life Path.


Curse Analysis and Removal

Do upsetting or negative things seem to happen repeatedly to you?  You could be experiencing a curse - either a family curse or an individual curse - that is preventing you from living your life the way you would like it to be.  Often a private affair, curses have a way of working their way through every aspect of your life.  Once removed, your life can begin again, in alignment with your highest and best good.