Julia has extensive experience and qualifications with the following disciplines:
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Energy System Healing and Rebalancing

The Human Energy System is quite complex.  You hold within it everything that has ever happened to you.  Julia utilizes a variety of modalities and skills to assist you with healing these issues and moving forward in your life path.

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Akashic Readings and Healings

The Akasha holds all information for this lifetime and others your High Self, your Soul, has experienced.  You have the opportunity to explore Contracts and Agreements you have with others in this lifetime.  You can explore healing and releasing Contracts and Agreements that may be restricting or holding you back from moving forward, or you might choose to explore the the complexity of your Life Design.  The Akasha holds many avenues for you to explore healing and growth now!


Exorcisms and Detrimental Energy Removal

Human Life can be extraordinarily complicated.  Sometimes we get slimed, sometimes we get attacked, and sometimes we just make poor choices that attract detrimental things to ourselves.  Removal of these negative detritus allows us to raise our personal vibration, which can then facilitate a shift forward in our way of thinking and our way of life. 

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Curse Analysis and Removal

Do upsetting or negative things seem to happen repeatedly to you?  You could be experiencing a curse - either a family curse or an individual curse - that is preventing you from living your life the way you would like it to be. 


Often a private affair, curses have a way of working their way through every aspect of your life.  Once removed, your life can begin again, in alignment with your highest and best good.



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Guided Mindfulness Meditation - Bi-Monthly

Meditation has many benefits for the human body.  It has been shown in studies to reduce stress, improve one's memory, it enhances one's ability to focus, and can help shorten the time between your laying down and actually falling asleep.

When you follow a consistent meditation practice, you develop mental discipline which you can then apply to other aspects of your life to benefit you.

Meditations vary in length from 30 to 60 minutes, in general, as they are Guided by the Angelics, Ascended Masters, and other Beings of Light.

A love donation of $10, or what you can best afford, is requested per meditation.

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Wedding Officiant

Making a decision to legally bind yourself to your partner can be daunting.  Once you make that first commitment, you want to have the person appropriate for you perform the service as you want it done.

Julia is an Ordained Priest in the Gnostic Order, who performs the Marriage Ceremony in a variety of ways, for a variety of people.  If you wish to have a religious ceremony, she can perform it, including Communion.

If you wish to have a more relaxed ceremony, where she is there to hold witness to the joining, she can do that as well.

Julia believes all adults have earned the right to ceremony, to socially cement their relationship, in public or in private.  Contact Julia to schedule a consult to see if she is the correct officiant for you and your special day today!

Classes/ Courses

reiki Principles - modern interpretation

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki

The Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki System is a hands-on healing modality with three levels of proficiency.  Reiki Level 1 students who complete all course requirements receive a Certificate of Achievement to display and are encouraged to gain additional experience through providing service to clients.  For those currently in the alternative healing environment, Reiki is extremely compatible and easily incorporated into massage, acupressure/acupuncture, reflexology and other healing modalities.

To receive Certification, students must attend all classes, receive all Level Empowerments, participate in hands-on exercises, complete any out-of-class exercises assigned, and demonstrate proficiency with the Protocol.  Our class design allows students to receive personal guidance over the course of the series to assist with the development of the individual’s sensitivities.

This class has been approved by the NCBTMB for 12 CEUs.

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Spiritual Path Seeker Course

Spirituality is a complex issue, complicated by Religion, Culture, and Family environments.  Making it more complicated is the fact that not everyone is meant to live a Spiritual Life, which can create great sorrow for some who wish this.  The truth is - some people are meant to have the human experience in this lifetime and no amount of wishing and no amount of forcing will change one's Life Path.

In the past, I have mentored healers, spiritual teachers, shamans, and energy practitioners of various modalities - as well as "regular" people - to determine if they have a Spiritual Path.  For those who do, I mentor and teach to facilitate their way down their Personal Path, for it becomes a way of life - not just something you pick up and put down by whim.

This beginning of this course teaches basic ideas that are built upon as the course series progresses.  Some mystical teachings are esoteric while others seem very commonplace.  That is the nature of Spirit - that which calls to you will seem as familiar as turning the pages in a favorite book, while other ideas will leap out and surprise you.

When it is right, and the Spiritual Path calls to you, you will feel a sense of anticipation, possibly a feeling that you are not where you need to be, like something is just out of your reach.  You feel "something, and you crave more - just as someone in the desert craves water.  These teachings will help you prepare for the reality of Living a Spiritual Life.  

Together, we will dig into the basics of Spirituality and you will learn, stretch, and grow in understanding the complexities of human life and Spirituality as well as the Earth Plane we all live in.  

This class series will expand into more complicated topics as the series progresses.  The first three months are an introduction to see if the program is correct for you.



Human Energy System - The Chakras

Most people in the woo community know about the chakras.  Many do not, however, understand how many chakras each human has, nor do they comprehend how many sub chakras exist for the different chakras.


As the Human Energy System continues to develop, it is vital for the competent energy practitioner to understand the different chakras, their group and individual purposes regarding the Human Energy System, and how and why these chakras may become clogged and/or stagnant.

This course is intended for beginners and advanced energy practitioners - there is something for each person in this class to learn and from which to grow.  This course complements most bodywork modalities and enhances the capabilities of practitioners (such as massage therapists) towards treating their clients' individual needs.

This class is submitted to the NCBTMB for review for consideration for CEU credits.  This section will be updated once approval has been received.